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BLue Duchess and College

okay, so as some of you may have heard, my father came home frinday evening. it was such a joyous ocassion since i had not seen him in a good while( i didnt get the chance to see him off when he went back to germany.) so of course i was happy. but in the back of my mind i couldnt help but think. the trounle is gonna start in like less than a week. well...i was right. only two days since he hab been home and already, im getting cussed out about something i had no control over. the Blue Duchess, the only thing in this world that can seriously call mine, had, as i called it, 'broken down'. on that day my parents and i had driven to my nonnies house to see if my dad could do anything about it. now when i had last driven her, there was a quarter tank but at this point in time, there was nothing in her. i chalked that up to the car being broken, but how the hell was i supposed to know that someone(mom) had used her? well, after putting gas in her, she ran!! my joy was quickly thrown to the ground and stomped on when my dad cussed me out about it!!

dammit all to hell, sometimes i just wished that he'd understand thatim not as car savy as he is, or as smart, or pretty much anything like him. its like he thinks that when he gae me his name that i was supposed to become some mini clone of him.

okay, so on the way home, dad asks me about school. now school is one thing that i thought that i could actually hold my own with him wrong. i told him that i planned on attending macomb for about a year and transfer out to maybe amda or msu, depending on how the music or psychology thing looked to me. and like the total jerk that he is( sometimes i think he doesnt realize that hes doing it) he tells me that doesnt seem like a good choice. first he says why not go back to baker, where id be in a dorm room and be able to be around people my age. i tried to point oit that i had never really liked baker in the first place, and the only reason i went was because i felt that was what he wanted me to do. now i was trying to things the way i had wanted and he was acting like it didnt even matter. then he said some more stuff, but i zoned him out, only answering with the ocasional 'yes sir, youre right'

i understand that im kinda not in the position to argue with him, when hes putting a roof over my head and feeding me, but enough is enough. hes being very hypocritical. he tells to to be more responsible and when i do it, he undermines me.

okay. im tired of ranting, time to sleep
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