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behold the piggy

6/9/05 11:59 pm - RENT THE MOVIE

this may be old news, but did any of you hear about rent being done as a movie? i think itll turn out pretty good. i wonder when it comes out? to see a trailer, go to aol music and look up rent

6/9/05 08:02 am - wtf!?!?

life could be a lot better. the money that i was gonna use for my apartment ended up being used for helping my parents out with the new house. im kinda pissed about it, cause not only was i exhibiting some form of responsiblity by trying to get out of the house, but it was something that i had wanted to do. i had really wanted to get out and be on my own. is that being selfish? my parents have done a lot for me and i know should be a lot grateful for what they have done for me, but i cant help feeling pissed off. am i a bad person for that?

4/13/05 05:22 pm

so i dont think im upset anymore. about the whle thing with marlon and all. in fact, nothing could be better. i met a really nice boy who is all about being friends first, and thats refreshing to know. in all the times that we have talked, sex has never come up. i love his name too. chee.

4/7/05 12:54 am - college

so, as some of you know, im kinda in between schools. baker college aint worth shit in my eyes, excuse my french, and now im lookng at macomb and im seeing a whole bunch of possibilities. i could study music like i had always wanted to, and i could minor in the psych thing as well. i think i know what to do now

4/4/05 01:50 am - school

despite the fact that i tried my best to fight it, i'm not able to go back to school...im no longer able to stay in the dorms, and since my car aint operable right now, i cant go back. now, im inconviencing my brother by having to bunk with him. today, im supposed to go to the baker up at clinton township to transfer, but now im like whats the point. i didnt like school when i was in high school, and ill never be what i want to be. so i have basically hit an all time low. on a happier note, i will be recieving money from my student loan, so nhanhanhanhnahnhanhna baker!!!! god, i cant even do that right........

3/24/05 03:28 pm

the baby pooped on my mom today, so far it was the highlight of my day. momma tried to pull off some matrix type stuff and it stil hit her. i know it shouldnt be that funny, but omg!!! my sides hurt. i dont think anything else happened so far, so im gone

3/18/05 07:28 am

im home. im so glad that school is over right now. i just need a couple days to rest and be myself. so who wants to hang? you know you want to. come on. just say it...okay, im finished

3/13/05 11:45 pm - staight boys make me wanna hurl big time!!!

wtf!!!! im so sick and fucking tired of how straight boys think that all gay and bi boys want to do is try to get in their pants! i have standards and practically all but a few of them fall under them. i mean yes a few of them are cute, but in all actuality i would want to do not a damn thing with them. fricken nazi pig bastards.....

3/11/05 07:52 pm - Rilo Kiley

after a nice chat with kristen this morning, i now have a love for Rilo Kiley!! the band is actually pretty good. their lead singer, jenny lewis is kinda hot in my oppinion. oh yeah, before i leave you all better ad staticgir04 onto your aim messengers, otherwise some people are gonna wake up with a piece of ham on their face. muah ha hah

3/10/05 08:39 pm

hey, i wanna go to Canada for my 19th birthday? anytakers?! my birthday will be on the 15th of august so i think im kinda early, but i just wanna know if i can do this or not
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