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okay, i know im like 50 years too late to say this but happy belated b-day vida! 19 is such a great number and 20 will be too when i get there too. and when are you seeing the green lady again? im trying to book a ticket now so i may enjoy her witchiness myself. oh yeah, hi again to all you livejournalers out there who think i died or something. nope not dead yet, at least i dont think so. anyway, i have tons of things to say. first, i work at wal-mart. oh my god, i think i joined a cult or something. people talk about sam walton ( wal-marts creator) like he is some kind of god or something. and dont say something mean about him or else you'll be ostracized from the water cooler. i know this from personal experience. im just now getting back into the bosses good graces and this happened almost 6 months ago. sheesh talk, about touchy. whatelse...hmmmmmmm i have something really important to say, but im not sure how to say it. its kind of the reason for the hiatus. comment and i guess that means youre important enough for me to tell you
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