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and finally....

* people who are under the age of 17 should not read this post.

okay, i was kinda tight lipped about the whole thing, but i think now is the time to come clean. it was the 24th of september and i was strolling into work feelin pretty good about myself. i go to look at what area i was gonna be working and to my surprise, i have absolutely nothing up. oh well, my boss does this all the time, i'll just work on whatever. but then i find out that i dont even have a schedule up, so then i got kind of worried. and then i got pissed off... extremely pissed off. and as some of you know, i can be a very angry person. anywho, i go looking for my boss, and yet again, the fucker is late, which fuels my anger even more because this nazi pig bastard had the nerve to try and write me up for coming in 5 minutes late when he, the "big" boss, comes in 15 to 30 minutes late almost everyday. so i looked for the manager Darryl, whom is the best boss in the world, and i asked him what should i do. he says,"dont touch anything and wait till Carl(my boss) gets in." so i do just that.

30 minutes later....

carl walks in and asks me what i am i doing standing around and i told him i dont even have a schedule up. he says, and i quote 'Darnell, im tired of you not doing anything around here!' and thats when i went off.

ME: 'you fucking bastard! who the hell are you to try and tell me that im lazy? at least i bring my ass in on time everyday! and dont even try to give me im the boss shit either cause you dont act like one! all this talk about acting like a fucken team and you leave the first sign of trouble!

carl: 'what do you mean by that?'( and the sonovabitch had the nerve to be calm!!! made me even madder!)

ME: 'im talkin bout yesterday when ya ass had left the whole crew to do backstock all by ourselves knowing that we had 4 new people and only 2 regular workers. that was grimey and yo know it!

after that, i cant remember exactly what i said but i ended up being escorted of the premises of meijer. but thats not the best part. that will come tomorrow, cause im tired
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