staticgir04 (staticgir04) wrote,

i think ive finally gigured him out

by him, i mean my brother. with him, he thinks that stregth should be able t o solve anything; ie: hes stronger than me+ he has more power in the household. well, that equation is fundamentally wrong. it matters not who is stringer, but who is the more manipulative, cunning , and dare i say it, down right dirty. and god knows how i loathe these qualities in a person or even myself, but i think its the only alternative to beating the shit out of my brother then being sent to jail. so i guess i have to do it., but i swear to all that is holy in this world, if he steps to me like he can actualy take me one more time, i will beat the shit out of him, only cause i love him( most of the time)
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